Well after an embarassing run of not ITM finishes (18), I'm finally off the schneid! The day started with me playing the 1 pm and getting shortstack KK into QQ and the board coming KxQxQ. Standard!

Then I played the 3 pm and got off to a good start. Actually got some hands, made some bluffs, stayed average. Got short and doubled with AQ vs A6 (unbelievable ha!) and then won a big pot with 55 vs AK all in pre. Stood on the 8.5k and didn't play a hand till the money then lost a race. 

Stuck on only about 1700 points, it's likely I won't make the top 200 at the end of the month. Just gonna try and play my best and let the cards fall where they may. I'll try and take a few more chances so I can maybe win one of these.  

May you win your races (just not against me),