Howdy fellow PSO enthusiasts,


As I’ve mentioned before I’m an avid believer in the healthy body, healthy mind relationship. Well, I’m making small steps toward getting them both fitter. In regards to the body side of things, I haven’t yet become a member of the swimming complex near my house. I have however been to the park around the other corner to shoot hoops.

My housemate and I made up a kind of poker/basketball game. In said game you each start with 100 points. You proceed to pick both a spot on the court to shoot from and an amount (from your 100 points) to wager with. If you miss the shot, you forfeit the amount wagered to your opponent. If you were to wager 10 as your first shot, and miss it, 90 points vs 110 points would be the score in your opponent's favour. If you sink the shot, your opponent must shoot from the same spot. If he misses, you score three times the amount wagered from his score. The respective point balance would then be 130 vs 70 in your favour. If you both sink the shot the score remains unchanged.

Some side rules:

Pre Game

You each shoot 3 shots (or more if necessary) from the 2 point line to decide who goes first.

During Game

If scores are tied, or if you are in the lead, you can bet up to a 10% maximum of your point balance.

If your score is behind, you can bet either

                               a) up to 10% max of your point balance

                               b) exactly 50% of your point balance

Just a little bit of a side tangent. I hope you found it somewhat interesting.

Good luck and good skill,