Hello again PSO community,

I am pleased to announce that the first two weeks of my time vault challenge have been nothing short of exciting. I have soaked up plenty of the resources offered here at PSO and I must say it has definitely had a positive effect on my game.

Here’s a look at my goal progression: 


- Meticulously stick to strict bankroll management principles and progression

After reading through my first blog and the comments left by some other members I decided this should be up here with my main qualitative goals. I don’t know how many times I’ve said to non-poker players in an attempt to describe bankroll management the following two things. “Even the best player in the world can go broke if they don’t follow BM rules.” Never have your entire roll on the table, otherwise it is possible to go broke. Secondly, “The idea of BM is to reduce the element of luck and increase the element of skill”. In a world of infinite buy in levels, a winning player, following apt BM principles could theatrically never go broke. Luck is a short term factor – in the long term the skilful player will prevail. Anyway, I’ve been a good boy; I’ve stuck to my possibly too strict rules 100%.

- Stay focused at the table and avoid apathetic play

For the most part I held true to this goal. I did face one occasion where drunken housemate distractions involving hands being waved in my face and fingers hovering over the esc button. This, as you may imagine was the conclusion of the days sessions and the beginning of ‘the wrath warning’. Other than that I would say I’ve maintained a 70% focus level at the table.

In regards to apathetic play: virtually non-existent. I have been excited about learning the game through observation, study and practice. I’ve been looking forward to my sessions and would have to say the apathetic play-level is comfortably <5%. 

- Educate myself with respect to both the game itself and its analysis

This part has always left me with an insane ability to procrastinate for extended periods. In fact, other than learning outs and pot-odds as a complete beginner I have never really had much drive here. However, I’ve been motivated by my time vault challenge goals and as such have decided to take poker education a little more seriously.

I was fortunate enough to meet a few colleagues through the poker school forums. They have proved a valuable source of discussion and analysis. Thanks Nix0n12 and Black n R3d.

I have also found some really interesting stuff out there on 2+2. I scratched the surface with a thread from Hardgeus on 45man tournies. Then continued on with this one from LaRue05 on variance. The threads themselves were quite a few years old but nonetheless contained some quality information.
Nixon12 introduced me to the acoimbra challenge and I was really impressed. It’s been an incredible source of inspiration and study for me since. The guy is grinding his way from $100 to $100k in one year – starting at bronze star, fresh stats, a pat on the back and one hundred bucks. And the best part, he’s donating 100% to charity. I have decided to follow his challenge on a daily basis if possible. Overall I’m 80% happy with my progress in this area.


- Keep a fit, healthy and motivated body and mind away from the table

A healthy body and a healthy mind is where it’s at. My mind is motivated! Do I get brownie points for that? Yeah, nah; the two go well together and I’ve been neglecting the former. When I am in action I’m more of a cardio kind of guy so I’ve scoped out an Olympic sized swimming pool within walking/riding distance of my house. As it’s an Aussie summer right here, right now, this should prove a good idea.



- 24hrs to 40hrs of play each week + 6hrs to 20hrs of study each week
         - ratio according to work
         - exclusively tournament based

Although I haven’t kept an exact record of these numbers I am definitely on track. I have been either playing or studying whenever I get the chance. Perhaps if/when my motivation dies down I’ll need to keep a record of these numbers. Also, I’m happy to keep in the tourney side of things for now as I’m finding it both challenging and rewarding.  Ring games will always be there waiting my return. Hopefully I can keep motivated throughout the year! > 97%


- Branch out bankroll once benchmarks are reached

This is one area I haven’t put too much thought into as of late. I did however promise some elaboration. So, as you may have gathered, I’m a bit of a bankroll nit. As such, I would like to build my bankroll up enough so I can skim some of the top; essentially to start a ‘new bankroll’ or a ‘sub bankroll’ in an area where I haven’t been playing. Be that area heads up, cash games, STT or stabs at higher buy-in MTT or SNG events. I will keep my blog updated when I have more thoughts or plans for this area.

- Ultimately grind out $5k online in 2013 to contribute to a live bank roll
          - grow my bankroll from $150 to $350 in February

As it is only the 14th day of a 334 day challenge I feel it is way too early to comment on my yearly goal. Suffice to say I’m taking a very solid approach so I don’t expect the results to be linear. That is although I’m 4% through my challenge I have only made 0.16% of my profit goal. I do however expect the profit % number to grow as each 4% of the challenge progresses. Hopefully it grows past the point where I am making 4% of my profit goal in 14 days!

The goal of a solid 200 bucks in February is looking a little less achievable than I originally thought (or arbitrarily spewed as I believe I put it). I did manage a couple of small cashes in the 100k privilege free rolls and some solid SNG results. Anyway, here’s the breakdown for the 14 day mark:

STARTING BR = $149.13


MTT + 1.52
SNG + 11.32
SB - 2.09
VRB - 2.39

CURRENT BR $ 160.79

EFFECTIVE BR = $157.49

- Staker -$1.65 (my horse lost)
- Stakee -$0.44  (profit sent to backer for winning)

- Two member -$0.74 (win for team overall)
- Three member -$1.65(win for team overall)

- $3.30 held for staking. Not actually mine. Once profit is made I get 40%.

As my current bankroll is effectively on $157.49, I’m really not that far away from some bankroll growth. When I get to $175, I will be able to play:
- the hot 55c MTT without a backer
- satellites <55c
- possibly larger events with satellite tickets
- possibly play events >55c but <$2.20 with a backer


Not only did I play in my own MTT and SNG events, I have also had some action on the staking side of the felt. (I spent some time browsing the PSO forums and was fortunate enough to come across the shares and stakings section. After doing some initial reading and following of current threads I decided to get involved myself.
The first staking arrangement I had was where I metNix0n12. We had a deal where we play a SNG sample each then split the profits. You can view the details here. Shortly after this I backed my first player (details here) and got my first backer (details here)!

Good luck and more importantly, good skill on the felt,