If you haven't seen part 1, 2 & 3 then I suggest you go here first.





Hand#1 Ac9c

I shove with Ac9c to make my hand looks weak and hopefully he will call with a weak ace or King high but he got better hand than me.

Hand#3 Qd5s

good enough to min raise but will fold to reshove

Hand#4 7s3h

Opponent just complete the blinds. Opponent is playing tight straight forward so I just try to take the initiative and take it from there luckily he just folded pre-flop.

Hand#5 5s2h

Opponent is playing tight so I will just min raise everything until he change his tactic.

Hand#6 Qh8h

Once again opponent complete his blind I have better hand this time so I min raise again and it worked

Hand#8 2d7d

strategy is to raise any two hand

Hand#10 Tc9s

min raise and fold  to shove

Hand#14 Ks5h

min raise every hand and c-bet any flop is my strategy

Hand#15 Ks9d

opponent is playing super tight and I think my hand is good for reshove to get a fold

Hand#22 AhQc - bad move

Standard min raise c-bet. The moment I got called I should have stop and fold to any bet this is a mistake from me. I got OWNED here. Opponent is super tight I should have sense something wrong on the turn.

Hand#27 Jh4d

I check my option and tried to take a stab on the flop which got re-raised insta fold.

Hand#29 KhJd

I called his min raise. Did not hit anything so I checked. On the turn hit Open ended I decided to raise half pot got min raise and I call because of decent odds and I will definitely get paid if I hit my outs on the river. I miss I fold.

Hand#36 KcQs

I min raised to induce and will call reshove with this hand for a double.

Hand#39 Jh7c "change of strategy"

Opponent is putting a little aggresion pre-flop so I change my style to 3-bet here and fold to reshove

Hand#40 AdJh

Standard min raise and willing to get it in pre-flop

Hand#43 Ah8c

Opponent just complete and this is a strong hand pre-flop so I just shove considering his stack and we won the game.

My strategy in Heads up is always adjust to how your opponent is playing. If opponent is tight min raise every hand. If opponent is super aggresive then be more aggresive like reshove his min raise with A K or even Q high. Never just give up pre flop or else you will easily blind out. The key is to make your opponent fold more often pre flop than you are.

This is the end. Thank you for reading. Good luck on the tables.