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Final Table

hand#1 AcTc

@26bb utg We can raise fold just in case 124k and 99k reshoves if 46k and 50k reshoves we have to gamble. I made the raise a little bit higher just to avoid the bb of peeling the flop with a little bit of something. 

hand#3 Jc4h

We have stack so we can surely raise/fold and my opponent is a little bit tight.


Same here we raise/fold to 111k but call the 37k because we are price in.

hand#10 AhTh

MP good hand to raise with the intention of calling all reshove except for villain 5 because if villain 5 willing to risk all his chips we are most of the time behind or flipping and we don't want ot waste our chips that we can raise and win some chips uncontested than gamble it all away with mediocre hand.

hand#13 KhQh

Easy call vs the sb shove. He will definitely shove it with wide range in that position because of his stack size.

hand#15 Qd2d

Isolate the super short stack all in but will fold to any reshove all in.

hand#16 TcTs

Standard reshove all in. TT is a strong hand at this stage. Lucky river.

hand#23 Ad2d

Standard raise with the intention of calling all in's of villain 3 & 4 and folding to the rest. The key is to plan ahead of what to do if they reshove or not to avoid making mistakes.

hand#26 Kc8s

Raise fold in this spot no need to risk 16bb. We have a good stack size that we can use for stealing without the need to gamble huge chunk of our stack. as long as our opponent is not fighting back we keep on pressuring them to fold.

hand#29 3c3d

4 handed final table opponent can be doing this with wide range that we can still see him fold to our reshove and win chips without showdown. If he call just like he did here then we go to our back up plan to win the flip. We did well.

hand#30 Kd3c

We have the chips. We keep the pressure on.

last hand before Heads Up

Thank you for reading and good luck on the tables.