If you haven't seen part 1 and part 2 then I suggest you go here first.



hand#1 AhKd 

standard min raise and take it down without a fight

hand#5 AhKc

standard reshove to isolate with AK if it was AA KK QQ we can just flat to trap opponents behind us. We lose this one we move on we are still alive.

hand#7 As3s

looks good but we can't call with still opponent behind us that can have us dominated.

hand#8 KdJs

normally I don't raise this hand utg+1 with so many opponents  behind. The reason behind this was because bb is short and we are most of the time ahead with our hand so I made my standard raise and maybe fold if there was a reshove unless it's the BB. BB just flats and we cbet any flop even if we don't hit.

hand#11 Qs8s

I folded here but I think I can flat and hit a Q or FD or OESD and reshove all in on the flop and fold if we didn't hit anything.

hand#14 KcQh

standard shove on the co and got it thru

hand#15 Jh2d

we can't even flat to see a flop with this hand.

hand#16 As9s

standard shove sb v bb. In case btn shoves we have to call with this hand most of the time we are going to be ahead.

hand#33 7d5c

@12.6bb I have read that bb is tight and will not call me wide or reshove light so I take my chance and raise it more than my standard min raise so that they will assume that I'm not raise folding on this spot. Good thing it worked.

hand#34 KsTc

@14.6bb decent hand to raise fold also and all of our opponents will not reshove light so if they do we are surely behind so we take a stab and and got it thru.

hand#38 AhJs

we will have 12bb left which is still healthy if we fold and villain is a tight player and in utg pos 6 handed. He will not be doing this light so I might be dominated here of flipping which is not a good spot for us.

hand#44 8c8d

@12bb we saw villain an open shove which he will do with AK AQ AJ AT 22+. In this spot it's gamble time because we are way ahead of 22+-77, flipping with the non pair 9 above and sometimes it sucks to be dominated by higher pair but this is a good spot to get it in.

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