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hand#3 JhTh

Looks good but in UTG+1 with 17bb. First we can't call if someone reshove because we will not fair will against them. 17bb I want to use my stack to reshove and hope for them to fold pre flop.

hand#11 KsKh

I just min raise with my 11bb to induce weaker hand to shove on me. Whenever I have premium my strategy is to just min raise.

hand#15 AsJd

obvious shove less than 10bb this is the time we have to gamble.

hand#16 2s2c

@16bb co this is a shove to steal and not let Ax call us. Sometimes 66 below will fold to our 16bb shove if they are nitty. I'm haapy to take the blinds here.

hand#18 AsJc

HJ 18bb I just want to min raise because bb have me covered and I don't want to risk my tournament life because if I raise here and got reshove it will either a flip or have me dominated. I can still fold and I will have 16bb left to work with and still can use it as a reshove stack.

hand#22 QdQh

The hand we are waiting for. Snap it.

hand#23 AhQs

We are most of the time ahead of the BTN range. I shove either to flip it with a pair or get the fold and win chips without risk.

hand#28 Ad6d

Looks good again but late stages so many shallow stacks that will easily reshove and we will either be dominated or worse we will have 3 outers vs 77+ so it's better to fold and be patient.

hand#37 AhKs

premium hand time to get it in and win the flip. The goal is always win first place.

hand#43 QhJd

vs UTG 12bb shove we will not be good most of the time so it's better to fold.

hand#44 KsTh

vs co min raise with still 20bb. This is a perfect spot to resteal with KTo. Most of the time he will fold here and we will get the chip up. Read against your opponent is also important.

hand#45 Jd8c

What I'm looking here is the biggest stack left is 22k so I just shove and hope for them to fold and win 4.4k without showdown. Unluckily for me I got look up with TT but I got there so I used my one time there. But the goal is still the same try to get the fold without risking your tournament life and get those important chip ups. Always look for those spots becuase the opportunity will not always be there.

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Good Luck on the tables.