Hi, I'm Marvin Tan and been a member of PokerSchoolOnline for so many years. I have always been grateful to PokerSchoolOnline for all the free lessons and of course the FREE tournament tickets that I have won. I vividly remember that I parlayed that tournament ticket  into a Final Table that resulted into $800+ score which is the biggest of my career then. After that big win I never looked back. I just keep attending live training and try to improve my game.

$3.50 rebuy 180 man is my favorite game. in 2015 I played   270+ games and my ROI is 400+%


In my latest win of this sng. I want to review this and share it with my fellow PSO members as a way of giving back what I have learned.

This is my statisitcs of the sng.

You finished in 1st place (eliminated at hand #145600226741).

206 hands played and saw flop:

6 times out of 46 while in small blind (13%) 

9 times out of 44 while in big blind (20%)  

11 times out of 116 in other positions (9%) 

a total of 26 times out of 206 (13%)

*Choose your hands properly when you want to see flop.

Pots won at showdown - 13 out of 18 (72%)

*Only go to showdown when you think you have the best hand and fold instantly when you don't. Never play passively ofr be a calling station. Never call a big bet on river if you only have mediocre hand.

Pots won without showdown - 48 

*The key here is to steal during middle to bubble stages and final table bubble stages and at final table also because in turbo you will play less post flop more on preflop.

You made 3 rebuys and 1 addons for a total of USD 12.76

*The amount I spent in this sng.

Early stages just want to play tight and aggressive.

hand#7 Ad4d

any A suited hands is good for a raise if it's open to you. I only use min raise to see a flop as cheap as possible. Flop. I flop a pair on a wet board so I just check and hope to get to showdown cheaply. Turn. I made 2 pair time to bloat the pot and get value.

hand#11 Kd7d

we are getting insae odds to call here with a K suited hand. 45 to call to win 472 we need to at least peel and hope to flop big. We flopped just a low pair 6 way and too much heat we have to give up.

hand#19 KsAd

This is what I normally do before rebuy ends @50/100 level I have 29bb I just over shove all in AK because players loves to gamble at this stage with weaker hands like AQ AJ sometimes ATs and the pairs  we are flipping besides the AA KK which we have them blocked. We lost the flip we just double rebuy no worries. This is why I suggest to have at least $600 bankroll if you want to play this.

hand#31 Ah5d

100/200 is the last level before rebuy period ends. In this stage I will steal a lot in late position when it's open. I will play very loose and shove very wide range if it is open. People tends to tigthen their calling range or sometimes loosen their calling ranges too wide hoping to get lucky to double up. In this scenario we shove all in our 12bb.

hand#32 Ad9s

Utg open limps and another limp behind. This is I always call dead money before rebuy period ends. Ad9s is a good hand to reshove all in and get those chips uncontested. We can win 30% chip up without showdown is always great result in poker. Remember if we get call and lose we can still rebuy. The risk is zero because it is not for our tournament life.

We will end at hand#41 

Part 2 of this series will release as soon as I can. Feel free to put in your questions or comments.

Thank you for reading and good luck at the tables.