I love the hand JT because you can easily get away with this hand if you hit nothing and you can win a big pot if you hit something. One more good thing about JT hand is it will always gives you the better straight like 789JT and AKQJT so if opponent have a lower straight you can easily stack him off.

Here is my example of JT hand.

2nd level blinds at 15/30. I got JT on the button(50bb's) with Cut-off(67bb's) decided to just limp. We need to raise it because big percentage of the time is we are not hitting the flop. The best way to win the pot is to get the initiative and hope that we can take down the pot on a C-bet.

Now, this is an interesting part The flop is 993 rainbow and our opponent called our C-bet. What is gonna be our plan? The good news is our opponent just calling our C-bet so maybe he is just floating his small pairs or some suited connector hand. Remember our opponent just limped in the Cut-off so I'm ranging him to a very wide range and definitely he is not hitting any of the flop. Another good thing is we are in the most beautiful position in the poker place "The Button". So I decided to control the pot on the turn and let's see what will happen on the river. 

Quick Review. Pre-flop CO limped(30) and we at the BTN with JT raised(100). Post flop 399 rainbow CO checked and we C-bet 150 which is around 60% of the pot. Turn 8h still no Flush draw out there but we have a straight draw. I decided to just control the pot and hope we can hit something on the river because I don't want to get myself into trouble if I double barrel and opponent might check raise me that I might call opponent's check raise and miss that I have to give up the pot on another bet on the river which will be a disaster for me. River Ad, pot is 545(18bb's), CO checked again. What are we going to do? Here is the result.

      The best river move will be is to bet. Why? We don't have any showdown value. Opponent just limped pre-flop, just float post-flop then checked the turn and river. Meaning opponent might give up the pot already on the river and we can represent any Ax in our hand since we raised pre-flop. It worked. We won 545(18bb's) without showdown which is what we really need to do. Win as much poker chips as possible without risking our tournament life.

More JT hand next blog. Run Good Everyone.