Who is Chris "Moorman1" Moorman?

Chris Moorman, (born July 12, 1985)[1] is a British professional poker player. He is the all-time leader in career online poker earnings.

He was among the leaders in the 2011 World Series of Poker Player of the Year point standings.[2] If he had won the 2011 World Series of Poker Europe main event (he finished second), he would have taken the lead in the Player of the Year race with only the November Nine play remaining,[3] which would have forced Player of the Year Ben Lamb to place 4th or higher to retake the lead. As of October 2011, he has no World Series of Poker bracelets but has finished in three final tables and has thirteen in the money finishes at various World Series of Poker (WSOP) events. Four of his WSOP in the money finishes were in $10,000 or €10,000 championship events. Five of his twelve WSOP in the money finishes have been in six-handed events and another was in the eight-handed 2011 World Series of Poker Europe main event. He also has a final table appearance at an Aussie Millions Poker Championship main event.[4] Prior to 2011, he was primarily an online poker player. His career online winnings exceed $7 million, while more than $1 million of his $1.3 million in live earnings have come in 2011.[5] As of 1 July 2011, his largest online prizes and his largest live game prizes have been from non-win final table appearances.[5] He has been ranked the no.1 online tournament player in the world on several occasions and is currently the most successful online tournament player in terms of overall winnings as of August, 2011

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The Tournament: The Big $55

The Story

Blinds 75/150

Hijack position raised 2.5bb (375) while in cut-off The PRO Chris "Moorman1" Moorman reraised to 5.83bb (875). I'm in the small blind with 33 called "The Crabs" decided to flat call because my reasoning was we are deep enough that if I hit my set I might win a big pot. The Hijack position also decided to come along which is better for me.

FLOP: Qd3h7h

Good thing this is not live because I was jumping up and down and shouting "HELL YEAH" that I'm sure they know that I flopped it so hard that they will just mucked their hands easily.

Of course when you flopped a set in a reraised pot you just want to check it to the reraiser and hope he flopped something too.

Oh no Bad News. No one bets the flop.


Because no one bets the flop I need to do something now or else I will waste the value of my set. I bet 1525 into a pot of 2955 which is just a little more than 50% which I think is the best bet.

Hijack position flatted which is a JOY to my eyes and then The PRO Chris "Moorman1" Moorman reraised ALL IN that makes me so HAPPY I insta called of course but sadly Hijack position folded.


Brick for The PRO Chris "Moorman1" Moorman.

Booooom I won a moster pot 17864 in chips which is 119 big blinds.

Such a great feeling to bust a seasoned pro and getting a monster pot as well.