When I'm playing 180 man turbo's there's only one goal in my mind. The Goal is to win First Place. I'm not settling for itm finishes or money ladder.

In 180 man turbo's you can't wait for a hand. If your lucky enough to last 48 players you have a great chance to make it to Final Table as long as you play maniac mode. Maintain a healthy stack at least 9 big blinds. Shove any 2 on the small blind and BTN position when it's open. Don't let the SB,  BTN or even the CO to steal your blinds. If you see that they min raise a lot when it's open to them then when you have at least 9 big blinds and they have at least 10 big blinds  you need to resteal all in and make them fold. Thru this they will respect your blinds and maybe let you walk with your big blind. In 180 man turbo's late in the game one big blind is a big difference to your stack.

If you want to settle for itm think about this.

$8 180man

19th to 27th = $8.58 you just get your buy in back "If your scared to lose your $8 then don't play poker." settling for itm is not worth it.

10th to 18th = $12.55 just 1.5x of your buy in " boooo still not worth it might rather lose my $8 than to win $12"

Be a maniac steal, steal, steal and shaun deeb said "If you think your stealing enough your probably not."

1st place $396 = x50 of your buy in "This should be the goal nothing more nothing less"

example of a hand

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

Here's my thought process.

Final Table 8 left $3R 180 man around $490 First Prize

CO min raise 162K left 20bb's which I noticed that he always do it when it's open because of his stack and I have 62o SB 11bb's which normally I do get late in the game.Here I went for a resteal even though I don't have a hand because I know more than 50% of the time he doesn't have a hand and he will fold and when he called and doesn't have a pair.

This will be the odds

odds calculator

6d2s 31.67% chance to win vs Kd8D 67.5%

I made a great read but opponent made a good call. I still think this is +EV move against an opponent who steals a lot because I know 50% of the time he will fold and I will win a good pot without showdown. And I'd rather bust at 8th to have a chance to get the first place rather than wait for a good hand before I make the move. And remember even if your ahead preflop you will not guarantee to win after the board ran out. For me, my strategy in 180 man turbo is to always win the pot without showdown. In this way your going to win the pot 100%.

If your going to try this just remember go for First Place always.

Good Luck In Your Games.