For those who don't know steps.

I want to hit my ONE TIME BIG TIME thru Steps.


Collect 20 step  2 before going to step 3 and then before I proceed to step 4 I want to have 20 step 2 and 20 step 3 just to make me feel comfortable playing and not to think about the buy in so much. I want to make the best decisions everytime and not play scared. I think I achieved that.

Im looking at my Step tickets. Right now I have 20 step 2 and 21 step 3. I'm so happy about this I took me 3 months to collect all these tickets.

Now, Im thinking of what am I going to do do next first?

Do I proceed to collect Step 4 ticket which is worth $215 and I can use it to play Sunday Million or just keep playing Step until Step 7?

Any Suggestion?

Until I think about what am I going to do next. I'm going to collect step tickets on Fulltilt which I have 4 step 2 tickets already. I will also try to collect EURO step tickets.

I think everyone should try STEP tickets this is a great way to hit our ONE TIME BIG TIME and it is only 9 people so the variance is not that high.

TRY it and you might get addicted just like me.

Good Luck Everyone