My Poker Goals


not exactly a goal but this is my DREAM

*To Hit My One Time Big Time $10k+ prize in a single game

2013 Goal

Games that I would like to play following a strict BANKROLL MANAGEMENT with at least 100 buy ins reserved with every sng mtt I play

- to be able to play $60 sng 180man ($6K Bankroll)/ $35 sng 180man ($3.5K)

- to be able to play the Sunday Million Weekly I need at least $21.5K worth of Bankroll

- play the BIGS Big11/Big22/HOTS Hot11/Hot22/Hot33 tournament as often as I can

- satellite the Big55 Big109 Hot55 and Hot75 then parlay it when I won the seat - to be able to play $30/$60 9/18man. In this games I can accumulate vpp's faster.

- would also like to be able to play $30/$60 6 man hypers for faster vpp accumulation

- to improve my cash game as I'm always losing if I'm playing cash games

PLAN to achieve my goals

- play as often as possible

- have a healthy lifestyle (EXERCISE is important) to keep your body and mind fit hence will make you play better - avoid tilt (just do the best play possible)

- study study study by watching videos, join live training, talk to other poker players about hand/strategies

- always try to look something to improve

- follow bankroll management

- post hand for analysis

- always be open minded, In poker the are a lot of ways to play a hand always be ready to LISTEN

you can follow my progress here:

but sadly the start of 2013 is not good for me but I know things will turn around I will just have to keep grinding

good luck everyone and let's all have a goal for 2013

but make sure you have a plan on how to achieve you just can't make a goal without a plan

just like in in every poker hand, you have to plan ahead and be one step ahead ALWAYS