Always good when you get an inspiration. After reading the story about Maratik.

Need to thank TrusySam for showing me the link.

He turned 40FPP's into a $1,000,907.26(AMAZING) paycheck. As pokerstars blog

will put it "arguably the largest tournament ROI in history."

I've been dreaming of my ONE TIME BIG TIME for the longest time. This story gave me an IDEA.

What games that will make me invest small and win BIG? I looked around the tourneys,

sattelites and then I came across the STEPS.

What are STEPS?

You start from Step 1 $7.50 and STEP your way up to STEP 7. During Step 4 $215 you can

already use it to any $215 weekly Major Tournament which will be my one STEP away from my


more details about STEP

MY GOAL and my strategy.

Get 20 STEP 2 tickets before moving up to STEP 3 - currently I have 20 STEP 2 tickets already

so STEP 3 here I come. I want 20 STEP 3 tickets before I will go to STEP 4. Why Am I doing this?

I want to play the STEPS comfortably and only play with the goal of going to NEXT STEP and

settle for nothing less.

This is it for me, guys. $7.50 investment for a chance for my long time dream of ONE TIME BIG

TIME. This is a long shot but for only $7.50 I will take my shot.

My ONE TIME BIG TIME here I come.

How about you? What is your idea of achieving  your ONE TIME BIG TIME?