One Word to describe PSO Series Of Poker = FUN

I would like to congratulate PSO for making  this great series. This is one series that everyone cherished. Everyone played their heart out. Everyone want's the most coveted virtual PSO Series Of Poker Bracelet. I want it so badly that I didn't even win a single one.

Congratulations to HokyPokyToo for winning the playmoney leaderboard and to Django66 for winning the cash leaderboard. Yes, both of you have bragging rights. Kudos to both of you.

Special Mention to Django66 - How many bracelets?  5 bracelets WOW, Great Great Performance. I hope I count it right.

This is my blog so I need to put my performance
playmoney leaderboard - 5th
cash leaderboard - 28th
bracelet - 0 - I sucked maybe next year

Looking at my performance, it's not that bad but winning it all they way must be nicer.

Another great person to congratulate is Mr. "JWK24" (Sir John) for a job well done at the leaderboard. That job must be hard. Only a person with a dedication can pull this one. Hat's off Sir John.

Now, back to my grinding need to hit my ONE TIME BIG TIME

See you all my friends next series and good luck at the tables.

OOOooopppps one more thing before I let you go. I need your VOTE.