First of all, I would like to thank for choosing me to be the member of the month of January.

Thank you for all the Teachers and moderators who keeps on teaching us on improving our game.

Thank you for my fellow members who keeps railing and supporting me whenever I have a tournament.

A short story before I conclude my MOM Tornaments. Alot of hard work on my part before I got chosen member of the month. At first, it was called and I know that the first time I joined the contest I need to be member of the week. I tried to send my application for member of the week#4. I lost then week#5 lost again then week#6 and week#7.Wow I said to myself only few applicants and I can't even win it but I never give up I just keep trying and finally I won it. I'm the member of the month of January.Really, hard work pays off. If you want something you need to work hard for it. That's my motto I want to win big in poker I need to work hard on my game. I need to plan ahead and make a strategy before each tournament.Just like in a hand you need to plan ahead.What do you want to do with AK go bust play it passively of aggressively. If you plan ahead your one step ahead of your oppoenent and can win it all the way with luck of course.

This is all the fruits of my hard work.

Well, after 8 tournaments. I managed to cash thrice with a Final Table appearance on Saturday Omaha which I have no experience of playing.

Here is the breakdown of the total money won:

Saturday Splash - marvinsytan finished the tournament in 1185th place and received $24.03 - $6.06 2 rebuys 1 add-on = $17.97

Saturday Countdown - You finished the tournament in 89th place. A USD 57.75 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

Saturday Omaha - marvinsytan finished the tournament in 8th place and received $794.49
For a total of $870.21 and the $794.49 is my biggest winning so far in my poker career but definitely this will not be the last because my main goal this 2012 is to win a tournament worth 5 figures $10K up.This wil help me boost my BR so I can play tournaments that can win me my one time big time.

Because of this, I'm rolled to play the Sunday Million 6th anniversary $6million and hope to cash maybe 6 figures instead of 5. It's not bad to dream right. I'm not just dreaming I'm working hard to achieve my dream. I'm playing everyday, studying everyday and doing everything possible to improve my game and hopefully one day I'll write again that I achieve my 2012 goal of winning a big paycheck. Then all of my hardwork will be paid off.

I believe that I can do it.