I know I can play with the big boys.

I have a good resume. My stats will speak for itself. I'm on upswing.

I have experience playing it in the $215 Sunday Ten Million 10th Anniversary I didn't cash but I think I played well. I was unlucky at one point I'm sitting at 20k+ chips and was dealt AK and hit TP but my opp hit 2 pair but still worked my way up.


I want to play 4 games x $215 = $860

sell my stakes at 20% $860/5 = $172 per share

I will sell 80% and 20% will be mine.

money back first then all prizes in excess of $860 will be divided accordingly to your share

please post your comments in the forum below:


I also want to stake someone for 10 games $2.5 180 man sng turbo = $25 full stake

if you are interested just post your reply to the forum above