What is hand analysis?

Hand analysis is where you put your hand in a forum and then have the experts analyze it on whether you played the hand perfectly or there is something that you can do better.

Where can you find the hand analysis forum?


Why am I writing about this subject?

I would like to write about hand analysis because this is a very great place where you can improve a lot in your poker strategy. I would like everyone who haven't tried to post your hand that you think you played it wrong or have doubts in your play.

Since reading, posting hands in the hand analysis and now even helping analzying other members hand. I improved a lot. What kind of improvement? 200% improvement.

What is my proof?

I'm on a big upswing. Around $800+ winnings since joining the hand analysis section. Inrease my ROI to more than 50%

$3.5R 180man sng

Results - Champion and runner up it could be both if only my rockets hold during heads-up.

***you can easily check this if you want

And the best thing here.They are doing this all for free. Just for us, pokershoolonline members so what are you waiting for. If you are serious in your poker career. It is a must to do this.

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