I was checking our forum and found an ineteresting subject.

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I read this and as an avid poker fan I said to myself. "How about I try this for fun?"

I think this will be good for PSO forum as well because people will be interested on how will this go.

I post something like this: " I'm interested in staking someone to play $3.3($5kGtd) for 10games, conditions apply."

Here come's my Horse as poker player called them

The Sponsor is called the Staker while the player will be called Horse.

Let me introduce to you my so called "Horse"

Mr. "Darkman61"

He got a very interesting stats. 59% in the money. Oh boy, This is my man. Definitely will get my money back in 10 games and might profit a little bit.

2 games already finished and we still have 8 games to go.

You can check out our forum to see what happened in 2 games.

pokerschool forum- shares/stakes

Being a Staker is something new to me and I'm so excited with this.

I'm hoping to profit from this so that I can continue being a staker.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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