I love Rebuy's.

Yes, the first time I played this I was also ignorant on how to play this kind of tournament. I don't know how much money I'm going to spend in a single game but after playing ths kind of tournament I just noticed how +EV is this kind of tournament.

+EV how?

You start with 180 players, if your gong to play rebuys you need to keep playing till rebuy period ends. You don't want to play in Rebuys then going out already when you get busto that's dead money right there. If your going to buy once imo you don't need to join rebuys you can join the freeze tourneys.

180 players after rebuy period ends around 150 players left

30 players buy in is in the pot already and you don't have to think about them anymore. That's dead money right there.

and about the add-on

in that 150 players I can see around 6 to 8 players who are short stack less than 5 BB's and doesn't even want to add-on. They are either going to be blinded out or bust out but of course one or two of them might get lucky to double nut still not enough to be in contention. That's another dead money right there.

All in all. you will get 30 to 35 players just donating their money playing in rebuys but not capable of playing in this kind of tournament or doesn't have experience playing in this kind of tournaments.They don't know that to be able to play this kind of tournament you need to take advantage of Rebuys and Add-on.If your not going to Rebuy then just play freeze IMO.

The only thing about 180man Rebuy is this is in Turbo. Variance will be a lot of factor you need to be all in a lot of times and you need to win them all to win this all.

The best I can do is 2nd place because my Rockets didn't hold heads up. What more can you ask for AA heads up all chips in the middle for the win. Variance had other plan for me.

That's why I love Rebuy.

30 to 35 players buy in are already dead and for us to take.

This is +EV

But be careful. This is Turbo. You need luck to win this because you need a lot of All In and you need to win all of them to be in contention to win. One bad beat is enough to cripple you and bust you out.

But still, This is +EV

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