Because me and my wife have a fight I decided to get some air and play live poker.

I played the low buy in one just to know where am I at reading people live.

I did very well. I'm so proud and I wowed everybody with the way I'm playing.

The first play I did was try to exploit a tight aggressive player. He raised UTG+1 and  I 3bet him in the SB position with J4. He think before he called. I know he got something good and will try to bluff him posflop. flop is AK7 best flop to bluff I raised more than 50% of the pot and he open folded AQ and I showed him J4. Everybody was shocked to see my card. ther i got some chips without having a good card and then when I got rockets I 3bet but someone in the BB 4bet jam w KJs I instacall and win again.

When the blinds are going up, utg limps and 4 more players join the fun, Me, being in the big blind with around 15BB's saw the opportunity again. I shoved with 87s and I won the pot.

This is my favorite hand I'm in the middle position having around 15bb's which is just the average stack. I open shoved with 88 and the person next to me folded AJ and the CO tank hard and called and the BB folded her TT which is good and I won the pot.

But of course you can't win by skill only you need luck to be on your side MP raise the BB I 3bet him with AKs he shoved with QTo I hit my K on the flop only for him to hit  2 Q's.

I'm so angry I can't play so I sit out for a while.

 When I came back I won 2 pots uncontested and starting to accumulate some chips.

Then this hand came early position raised and I'm in the MP raised all in with KK opp is AJ and he hit his A on the flop.

That's my busto hand.

I placed 8th and won $30 for my trouble.

I'm happy with my game and that's all we can do in poker

You made the best play possible in such situation that's all we need to care about results will come as long as we made the correct play every hand.