I love to chat.

Yes, I know it's -EV if you keep chatting on the table because you play poker to win money not friends.Instead of typing and typing you should be paying full attention to the action happening at the table.That's what the book said.I think I read that from somewhere I forgot.

But from what I've been doing. I'm using the chat to be friendly to use it as an arsenal later when I'm in the hand with them.Sometimes I start by saying nh(nice hand). They will say ty(thank you) standard chat.Next, I will comment about their play nice play, great fold how can you fold like that, nice 3bet, so forth and so on.

Next thing you know If I'm at the Big blind and my new found is in the BTN and he have a big stack I'll ask for a walk and sometimes they would likely to and will show me an ACE happened a couple of times.

Or If I'm at the BTN and my new found friend is in the BB I'll ask for a fold and once again they would happily too sometimes they even have a small pair like 22  33.

Sometimes If I saw an opp who made a foolish play like calling an all in bet w K9s only to win it by suck out vs QQ or AA.I'll praise them them and will tell them wow such a brave call nice hand. Then they will tought I'm complementing them. I have a sample like this so that Readers will not say I'm just making stories.

This is the $215 Sunday Ten Million

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

My opp plays every hand and min raise every any hand. I need full value for my AKs. Post flop what more can I ask for A flop of course TPTK vs an opp who plays every hand and min raise every hand and will not easily give up on his chips easily. He raise 1000 into a 2700 yes as we all know its a sign of weakness it is so weak i need value again to my TPTK so I 3bet again only to be 4bet jam which I forgot to reevaluste my hand that I instacall.You see I lost 50%+ of my chips which I worked very hard to accumulate but was taken away by an opp who will call a strong 3bet out of position with ATo.

I'm tilting here. I need to regroup. But i'm proud of what I have done here. I sit out and move away from the table and curse my lungs out do shadow boxing like I'm punching my opp in the face.I think everyone should do this if you can't handle a beat and out of frustration you might make a crucial mistake which is bad for your tournament.

Sample of why I think my sit out and shadow boxing helped me lot:

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

UTG raise 3BB which indicates strength because our normal raise here at this point would be 550-675 and around 27BB left  and he doesn't play a lot of hands.

and of course my normal opp join the fun again. and me in the BB pos I think If I didn't sit out this is definitely a tilt move shove although I have a good hand but not strang enough to beat JJ QQ KK even AA.But I regroup and don't want to gamble and put most of my stacks at risk I just made a call. I could 4bet but I thought I can't call a shove of 27bb's so I played it safe.

The flop. I got overpair which is strong because I'll be leading with AK AQ and AJ but still behind with JJ up. I need to bet here for information. I bet he shoves again if I'm tilting it is instacall but in this hand I'm definitely behind so i fold.GBased on the action and based on the image of the player I'm definitely behind even if I'm ahead he still got 2 overcard the least.Even If I'm ahead so be it.At least in my heart I know I made a great fold.

Now back to chatting

I've been praising and praising my  favorite opp on how good he is playing. How a bad call I made. Calling TPTK for a shove is a bad call he said of course if you know he got 2 pair it's an easy bad call.I keep telling him that I will not play a hand without premium because I want to get out of trouble with a pro because I know I can't outplay him postflop becuse he's soooo good blah blah blah all praises.

I just wait for an opportunity. This is the perfect one.

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

I have him in this one.My lucky opp always do the min raise because of his big stack and he usually do that I know he doesn't have a hand. I 3bet him a little bit his min raise because I already 3bet him twice before this 3x his bet and both he folded that's why to mix this a little bit i change my pattern to play in his head.

The perfect flop to bluff. My lucky opp is not ready to give up here 4158 pot he made a weak bet of 800. I just laugh at his bet.This is his style right here this is the place I want him to add some dead money more instead of check folding he opted to make a weak bet.This is the time to punish my lucky opp i 3bet him a little more than 3x his bet just to make my story believable. And What I expect from him he folded and I showed him the bluff just to tilt him and make me a little happy from the beat I got from him

Our Great Teacher in hand analysis section by the way if your not putting your hand problem there your missing a lot. You can't learn if you are not going to post hands there. My game improve a lot since I start posting hands there. 

back to our Great teacher just segway a bit:

our Great Teacher told me if I'm going to make a sstory make sure you make a true story not a fairy tale.

Poker Action is like a story if you make it believable it's a true story if you make it like a fairy tale it's a fiction.

here's the story, my lucky opp is making a story by min raising yohhooo i got a big hand but I dont believe him because he keeps telling the story over and over again. so i have a different idea i will my story much more believable than his ok fine you have a big hand how about this I got a bigger hand so I 3bet you. so if you really have the best hand he will 4bet but my lucky opp doesn't have that so he just called.

FLOP: my lucky opp is telling us hey guess what I hit an A or K that's why I'm leading now even though you 3bet me before the flop just a small bet for you to just call. That's a Bull story this is a true story I'm telling why not I 3bet you so that you'll believe me from the start that I really have a strong hand and your hand is garbage compared to my hand.

And he believed me.

back to chatting

I think it also help that I keep chatting with him and keep telling him that I will only play QQ and up with him.

The Moral Lesson Of  The Story

Use chat to your advantage.

If your chatting it should have a purpose you need all the advantage you can get .

Warning: This is only good in the early stages of the tournament but in the middle or late stages no one will ever talk to you your just wasting your time and effort and wasting your time typing instead of focusing on the table.

That's why I want to thank

topthecat and gradeb for reminding me that in the middle stagews of the tournament not to chat anymore and start focusing on the table

and that's why I came up to this story as well.

You like it?

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Thank you for reading and see you at the tables

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