First of all, I would like to congratulate our TEACHERS namely:

The Langolier

for a job well done.

I placed Second in the $3.5R 180 man sng. Maybe you want to ask how many games? The answer is 8 games only.

you can check the game here:

Thank you Teachers. I owe this victory to you.

How did my member of the week application help me?

It all started like this.

I'm looking at my e-mail there I saw member of the week wins $300 by pokerschoolonline. What is this?

I can win $300? How? I'm a poker player of course I want $300 boost to my bankroll. Reading all the

details. This is Free Money I can do this it's so easy. From there I join Member of the week#4, sadly I

didn't win but the good thing is if you didn't win you can still join till you win where can you find that offer

only here at pokerschoolonline. Of course, I'm still hopeful to be the CHOSEN ONE.

While waiting for my member of the week if I can win or not.

I looked around the site. Wow this is a cool site.

The Tool

Hand replayer-This is a great tool I discovered. I'm so old school using hand conversion. You can see the replay of the hand you might want to look again and again. This is very useful. It's just like your hammer when you need a nail inside your wall.

The Forum

I saw Hand Analysis. Yes, I know this, in fact I use this a couple of times from other sites but find their answers so basic. No explanation on why? what's your basis for your answer. It's like they just do it because they need to do it. They don't do it with their heart. thant's why I stop posting.

but here, the first time i use this I was shocked with all their answers. It was so precise, full of details and complete explanation. From the first post I was hooked and energized because from all the answers they have given me they are all correct without a doubt and will definitely help you in the long run.

From all the answers they have given me. It gives me a thought that I have a lot to learn and need to keep posting hands for analysis to improve my game. To level up. To sharpen my skill.

If your not yet posting your hand for analysis check it out here:

Thank you pokerschoolonline for helping me improve my game.