Well, what can I say about this guy. He changed online poker with his historic win in WSOP MAIN EVENT.

Chris Moneymaker  The story of his rise to stardom is one that's been told many times, but still deserves to be repeated. In 2003, Chris entered a $39 satellite on PokerStars and won. This gave him a seat in a larger satellite, one that had a World Series Main Event package up for grabs. Chris won that too, and was soon heading off to Las Vegas to play in what was to be his first live tournament. The rest really is history. Against all odds, Chris made it to the final table and went on to claim the gold bracelet, winning prize money of $2,500,000.
Chris Moneymakers's session videos

I've just finished watched 4 of his videos. You can check it out yourself. I really learned a lot from it. Just go here.

Read more: Session Videos - Chris Moneymaker – Poker School Online: Learn Poker Strategy, Odds and Tells http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/art...#ixzz1g91Kbxsj

He's the reason why I stop playing micros. I'm talking about him because I just finished watching his 4 videos.

Why did I stop playing micros (multi-tabling) and change it to big $11?

Because if your going to play micros, ok yes, you can win some bucks. $20, $50, or $100. Oh, Yes I forgot to mention that I Final Tabled the micro mtt's 3times which won me around $300 If I'm not mistaken. But it's not worth it. Yes, I'm happy with my performance that I did it but the rewards is just a little.

Now, unlike the Big$11 which is my goal#2 to win. If I win this tournament I'm looking around ten grand for 1st place. Now, that is big money. This will be a big effect to my life.

About the Buy-In. Yeah I know it's not good with Bankroll Management but I want to spend $11 everyday and I will keep deposting until I finally achieved my goal. $11 everyday won't get me broke by the way. But $10k will let me feel good.

ONE TIME BIG TIME is my motto.

So here I come Big$11. I'm definitely shipping this.

* I hope Mr. Chris himself can give me a holler. It would be cool.8)

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