I'm the Proud January Member of the Month

 Mabuhay My Brothers and Sisters our bloodtype - TYPE P(POKERSTARS)

I'm Marvin from Philippines and I'm here to share you my stories.

I started playing poker in Facebook after playing there I went to live poker game. I keep playing live because I love playing poker and I was hook but after a while going to a live poker game took a toll because of gas money and time consuming travelling to and from house to poker places. While reading some poker pages in the internet I came across to POKERSTARS page and started playing poker but not yet for real money. Playing in the convenient of your own house and lots of varieties of poker games to choose from. It is not a bad deal for a poker addict like me. After playing a couple of weeks I said to myself I'm ready to play real money but not without doing my research if it is safe to play at POKERSTARS. When I'm satisfied that POKERSTARS is the safest and the biggest poker site and a good first deposit bonus comes with that as well  $600 BONUS FREE MONEY wow that's big, time to make my first deposit. My first deposit is i think around MARCH 2010.

The Journey

I first try to play the micros cash game which is the NL2 but I get tired playing it because most of the time I'm just waiting for good cards then shoving almost no strategies involved. Next is I tried the SNG $1 which more of my type made me concentrate more on strategy. But of course I get lazy then play lots of tables then BOOM bankroll is gone. That's why I love POKERSCHOOLONLINE. It teaches us the basic but it's too late for me but not to late for you guys. If you hadn't done it yet before you start playing real money I suggest you register first at WWW.POKERSCHOOLONLINE.COM it's free and will help you a lot.

Now I told to myself what to I want to achieve in Poker. I've been playing for 18months since then seems to me like I'm not improving my game. Yes, sometimes I'm winning but more often than not  I'm losing. Then if I win is it significant enough or is it life changing, the answer is No.

The Change

I remember reading TEAM POKERSTARS PRO CHRIS MONEYMAKER won the wsop main event and he did it by getting there cheap via sattelite. How satisfying would that be?  By reading his story an idea came to my mind instead of playing micros even if I win it's still not life changing. I said to myself why not choose a bigger tournament that when you win it. It will surely make a differecence.

After days and days, weeks and weeks of searching for tournaments that suits me.  The brilliant mind of POKERSTARS TEAM came to work again. They always try to satisfy everybody and they never failed us. They launch the THE BIG TOURNAMENTS daily which comes in differrent buy-ins. I chose the BIG $11(50k GTD) tournament because it's not big enough in terms of buy-in that when I lose I can't play the game I love anymore if I win it's definitely worth the time and effort I put into.

I don't know where did I learned this theory but I think got the big inspiration from TEAM POKERSTARS PRO CHRIS MONEYMAKER


1. Play one table at a time. I know it's boring. I lost most of my bankroll playing multi-tables that I can't handle. Be bored or get Busto you choose.


1. WWW.POKERSCHOOLONLINE.COM - read their tips and  forums read all of it very helpful

2. After the game I usually evaluate my game. Post some hands for evaluation by other people to see if I did it right or I did it wrong. What is the best play in that position. Overall, did I played good and that just luck is not on my side or the other way around I played bad and that just luck is on my side.

3. Always put notes so that you'll know what to do when you get a hand with them. It's very important and it's worth your time. Don't waste your time doing something else like watching t.v.(we all do this) Pay attention to your table.

4. Always trust your instincts. If your paying attention at the table you will smell the bluff and the value at the river always rely on yourself and be strong. Sometimes Ace high is enough to win the pot.

5. Raise more and if you got chips 3-bet more in the late stages of the game. If you do this you will get value on your premium hands because no one believes your raise anymore.


here's a short list

1. $4.4 180man sng - 1st place - I think this is my favorite that's why i put it in front, I won this just last month

1. mistype no? why two 1. Because I make it till the money in the POKERSTARS 10TH ANNIVERSARY WORLD RECORD EVENT this is also special because this is for the  Guiness World Record and I made the money. Only  12150/200000 got paid how cool is that. I outlasted more than 187,850 players.

2. The Big $11 - 121th place - around 9500+entries - this is memorable because I got close to winning it all the way because one time I'm in the top ten in chips around 200 players to go. But of course you need some luck - got it in AK vs AKs all in PRE and the suited killed me for most of my stacks sorry for putting my bad beat story here I know no one wants to hear anything about this.

3. I think 3 final tables in $1 dollar tourneys the first time it's memorable but it's not life changing like I said so I stop cherising it

very short indeed


1. To win the Sunday Million-- need to do the second first but I will definitely play the $215(10 million GTD) I don't care about bankroll management for this one I'm not going to spend my Christmas Bonus on Kobe's shoes(No offense to Kobe, still the best player) or anything but here. I think everybody should too, WHY? Your asking me why? I'm going to ask you back WHY NOT? For just $215 buy-in you have a chance to win $2,000,000(lot's of zero's by the way) why not, right. Even if you dont win anything  I'm sure you will have fun playing with TEAM POKERSTARS like NANONOKO(recently won the APPT MACAU MAIN EVENT one of my favorite players, he's also the reason why I multi-table and lost my bankroll:-D ) and all the SUPERNOVA ELITE'S of the world. We need to play big sometime in our life why not play this one and let's all take advantage of POKERSTARS 10TH ANNIVERSARY and even if we still don't have enough talent or skill for this kind of tournament maybe luck is on our side on this one  even if we play like a donkey who knows we might make it. It's not bad to dream big. For Sure your $215 is well spent and its always +EV.

2. To win the Big $11

*****To all my Facebook Friends if you are still playing poker there why not try your luck here at POKERSTARS you can even win money for free. Lots of freeroll and I can also guide you just FB me.They are the best in business and the most trusted poker site plus just recently they hold the GUINESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER for the largest poker tournament. How many? Only 200,000 yes right facebook friends two hundred thousand entries in case you thought I type so many 00,000.

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