Well the 4th day of december turned out to be s stinker of a day. After letting the points i should have easy had by just not playing till points came, when i had a stack big enought ,I let it get the better of  me and stress me out,  i picked up a -11 and -10 which droped me like a brick in standings in pso.
  But every cloud has a silver lineing and a quick rant on the  forum which i have never used before (just like this is my 1st ever blog) GAVE me some good advice and realy setteled me down a bit.
As after my rant i got the answers i wanted and even got back to making +2 in my last torny of the day not much, but after the way my head was before the help from the forum crew i will settle for that and move on
     So if in need of advice or just to let of steam or anything else, use the forum it will help.
     so thaks to u all ==  ericnnancy,  monkeyskunk44,  hobojim11247,  !!!111Dan,  joker41673,
       Astro750, BOWLINGNINJA, and all the rest. also FOLDORLOSE & bahmani381 for ur replys to bog
                    Till next time GL to all marty-t-07