In first post I made was on about not finding the torny 1 min before 1oclock and just after under late reg ! WELL IM a DONK!!!    as we dont have a 1oclock time torny in afternoon in england only 1 in morning, my heads in the shed with the times as they say diffrrant under my results page to the english times on my lobbby.
WELL DONT ? realy like to winge  but haveing a good start to this month ,and could have had a Good chance to be top now if my allin RR from button  AKs wasnt called by A5 and him hitting a 5 !!!"!"! ,and again my AK rr over top of some donk who hade went allin  about 8 times in row his ATo hitting a ten on river cost me -17 as was not long in to torny.  The other hand cost me -9 as was not to far of points places.IF had laid the first down would have got points and good chance of place but not sure it what was best play there realy !! 1) lay down get points or  2) go for win to get even more points as a win gets you a shed load more a few answers would be nice               Thanks all