well i have one particular tournament that i have played for 3 weeks on sunday and theres a 5k prizepool  not too many people in the tournament around 2000  you need 50 raked hands to play i think

so all 3 times that ive been playing at that tournament

i did probobly get the badest cards in the deck  23, 25 , and so on

so how can i build a stack if a get like AK or KJ once in the tournament  rest of them was from 2 to 10 all the time  sure i bluffed a few times to steal the blinds but i cant bluff every 10 hands 

any ideas on that  i usualy have to push all in if i get lucky in position and get J10 and noone has raised

this week i got blinded out in 900th place

can someone give me an advice on this please?