many days when i sat down at the tables before i started at poker school i would have fantasys about winning millions and think it was all so so possible to do which i guess it would be, but as time goes by im beginning to think its more about what you learn here rather than jumpring straight in totally blind and not having a clue atall,

i truly believe my game is changing for the better because of this place  not only is my game changing but the way i used to think about hands is changing aswell,  for instance where i used to shove all in with pocket kings or aces i no longer do it anymore i just do a small raise to keep interest in the pot, i get called a donkey alot at the tables because of the things i put into practice that i learn on these courses but all i have got to say to that is YOU CANT WIN ALL THE TIME!! even the champions like phil ivey and doyle brunson lose from time to time thats just life,

i just wanted to say thankyou for all the free things i have recieved from poker school online without you guys i wouldnt have been tempted to deposit in the first place and i would still be playing play money chip tourniments but now iv expirienced the thrill of winning and im hungry for more im willing to learn whatever i can and whenever i can because i believe in myself and some day i will be sucsessfull!! (i hope ) 

thankyou also to all the members here and all the staff for thier blog replys and the tutorial videos thankyou  for all your support and advice youv'e made learning fun and alot easyer  


sorry for any spelling mistakes my grammer has always been very poor 

marnie x