So, back earlier in the year, I gave myself a self imposed, 180day ban from ps....pfft, so I played elsewhere....yes, it's a bad idea to try and stop yourself. It's just addictive.


I'm not the world's greatest poker player, but I do enjoy my games.

So this month has seen the micro millions and I've been lucky/stupid enough to buy into a few.


To start out with, non micro millions, I had a nice deep run in the VIP 5k Chrome+ freeroll the other evening, not a great paying event, but...of about 21k entrants, I managed a 81st place. Just played my best game and was a bit unfortunate. The button min raised and in the small I called with AsJs - flop came AK7, I raised, think I was probably good, and got shoved on....long pause for thought, I figured weak ace, or maybe K - I'm not behind much, and...I called...button showed K7 and I was out....had hoped for slight better finish, but there's only ever one winner in a game of poker.


So I played a couple of the small mm events and had a small cash or two. But clicking and playing LOTS of zoom, I accidently on purpose clicked register into the micro millions main event. No satty's, no messin, no faffin, staight buy-in.

Clean and fresh, I was ready at local time 7:30pm for the seating.

The first hour was quite slow, watching the table and players and figuring the donk fish from the sharks. I held up a couple of hands, and managed to to get up to about 12k...Hour two would see me get a number of top hands, and by the break I was up to around 25/30k - During the next several hours, I was lucky to stay on one table and able to catch hands in good spots and accumulate chips. I got to around 75/80k and staying around there for the next several hours.

after 5hours of play we reached the bubble. 61k entrants had been cut down to 8.5k - I was struggling to get above 100k, but enjoying the game and just trying to stay patient and just play my best. (DrDonkin mentioned in another post about nerves in these big games and I can attest to that, I was bricking it for the first hour, but, once I got a few chips and comfortable at the table, my table image was very good, my nerves really settled and I got into a good flow)

From midnight onwards it was tough, the blinds were starting to eat players and I was crippled by an sb shove, I really had to call but my K4o lost to his 5h9h - I was down to 50k in chips with blinds at 5k/10k.

I had a table move, my first hand I had to shove, 106o - it got through and I had a little more to play with again. 80k.

Very next hand I have QQ. Player acting before me, min raises...I have to shove...min raiser calls and it's KK - the KK holds and my main event is finished in 2806 with a $91 cash.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing in these events. I've had my ups and downs with pokerstars, currently seem to be on a bit of an up.


Anyway, I'm back. Hope this time to earn a little and learn a lot