Is it? Is it not?

It clearly isn't as a random as we'd like to hope. There is a definite air of 'tilting you off'

In the last 5 days, since I emailed support and berated them on numerous issues.

I have barely had a pair hit. My trip's beaten by runner runner for the flush - I can't count the amount of times. Top two pairs, beaten by runner runner or boats.

Boat over boat, set over set, pairs over pairs.

I can infact count on 2 hands how many pairs I have had in the last 5 days....10 pairs. One of which was  AA - and it lost to runnner runner.

I listen to team mates, all day, everyday, complain of bad beat after bad beat.

Pokerstars guarntee's the deck is a 'random shuffle'

There is no shuffle, and it is not random. Computers can't shuffle cards. As for random, I don't think since computers were invinted they have ever truely produced a 'random number'

I guarntee you now, the deck is not coming out random.

You have no arguement really, as if you take any deck of cards and deal them no limit.

EVERY hand you deal, is a mathematical improbability that hand will be dealt, the odds are astronomical on every hand dealt, that those cards would fall, in that order.

But hey, it just dealt that way exaclty!! What are the odds!! - Rinse n repeat for hand 2.

So you see pokerstars has a perfect excuse and you have no way to prove it is rigged.


Lets look at it another way. The one arm bandit, by law, must display it's % pay out. usually somewhere around 90% - so for every dollar or pound you plonk in that machine, you can expect so where around 90% of it back in a win. Repeat that process until the dollar/pound is almost gone. 

Ever wonder why pokerstars doesn't have a sticker that reads 80/90% lose with 10% going to pokerstars every time you put that dollar/pound down

Would you still play?


You are, being raked into bankruptcy. 

If you win or cash any prize, you will not win after this. Fact!


Why are the pro's not here, creaming all of us for millions.....mmmm, do they know something we don't?


And this is why:

Shit play by the SB, then even worse, the jokerstars payoff

And missin paid by eleven spots because of this sh!t:

I challenge anyone to watch over my past 15days blog, look at the hands and tell me there is good variation there.

The hands in this blog and entirely the hands of interest.

I have posted the winners too - but the thousands of losers should stand proof to anyone, this place is rigged, it's designed to tilt you off, to rake you into bankruptcy, and only people winning, day in, day out, are the owners, the members of the isle of man and others who are given preferential treatment.

Read in between the lines people, see pokerstars and all the other gambling sites for what they are, legalised theft.