I managed , with a lot of garbarge, to take 1st place in the UKIPT Div 2 freeroll.

I'm currently in joint 11th overall for the month, so hoping I can make a good run this month and maybe get a satelitte or even the UKIPT seat.

Here's hoping and hoping pokerstars clean up the crap in my hole.

I did stream the first parts here:


second part here:


I didn't stream after the break, but here are the hands of interest into the ft and in hu.

This next hand was my really lucky break:

The stack on my left got really angry with me.

So the very next hand after this lucky:

We decimate her stack - and get called all sorts of names.

I will say - this person mis-typed in the chat box, something I jokingly said was the password to half their life (opensesame was typed in the chat box) I think this REALLY upset the person, especially as these two hands then happened, and I wiped them off the leaderboard.

And then this little beauty for the nail in their coffin:

So that's how to decimate the big stack in three hands....

The very next hand, so 4 in a row:

I got unlucky on the 5th hand, the board double pairing meant I knew I was behind with a dead pair. hahaha

Played tight for a few hands then:

next few get in a raise with A10s and a few later 88 and both take it with no oppo

I stay really really tight, bouncing around 2nd/3rd/4th in chips. Until we get down to 3.

With 3 up I get this:

HU went on for quite a while but I sensed the player was not comfortable hu, and tbh, I was feeling pretty good.

Getting more and more comfortable and more and more irratating the big stack:

This hand basically turned HU around and I'd gone from a 4:1 dog in chips to now dominating.

This was the next and final hand for the win:

Takes it down, maximum points and joint 11th on the months leader board, with 3 days missed - I can't really afford to miss any more and will be trying to make a big effort in this months UKIPT entries.

Good luck out there.