The new year came round, and the start of my proper BRM and playing properly has started.

It didn't get off to a flying start with a couple of sputters out of 45man/90man 25c sng's.....not exactly the start I hoped, but have made some great new friends, and much has been learned.

Played a couple of small tournies too - but missed cash and nothing to really write home about...

So the 2nd of Jan begins and just as early breakfast I enter the 55c 1k gtd. Trying to pick the right price and structure that I can play.

Some early hands and what could be described as a good run off cards:

We would see this player later.

Lucky to catch runner runner

He's not hit that.

Not afraid of no stacks!


And this was the exit hand:


I had read the nit as weak, in honest, I overlooked the sb in the pot and the raise was awful. Have reviewed this one a few times.

It was a mistake and cost me my life, but, came in 49th and was really REALLY pleased with my play. Did get some cards, but also laid down plenty more - there was a whole heap of hands between these. This is the highlights


Another freeroll and another notable result.

Entered the 8pm 100k Privilege Freeroll a bit late, and - well - went down to about 800 in chips, then had another good run of cards. Fleeced the table:

Played on for a lot longer, but ended up with top 1000 result, and eventually threw a 10bb shove with 9s10s and ran into AK in the bb - i lost and was out....but another great run.


Crashed out of the 55c - Gratz to my mate chilli on surviving longest for the challenge event on pso!!

Not sure if I will try another tournie tonight, getting late and am actual in a normal sleeping pattern!!