So this is the situations I face numerous times:

I am the short stack, blinds are getting big (250/500) and I'm on the button with JJ - I shove it with 4k

The SB folds and the BB with 38k calls me - He has A9o

Flops an Aces and I beg for an jack that never comes.....I'm out. I have lost this more times that I have won!! ALOT MORE!

Now sligtly reversed:

I have a good stack in the BB. Blinds pretty big again. The button min raises it AGAIN, so this time I shove on him. - I have A10o - he  calls with Jc 6c and low and behold, he'll catch his card. Yup a 6 this time. My stack is decimated.

Now the first one is unlucky, 70% roughly.

The second example isn't that great and I know it probably not a winning play. But the play was at a table I knew the button was gonna bully and pretty sure he was raising light. 

I can go through my hand histories and probably find hundreds of these examples