So most of the christian world has finished celebrating a pagan ritual, lieing to their children about a guy a now coca cola red outfit and apparently celebrating some guys birthday who was born in september?! odd...anyway, it's back to the cards.

Some other poor soul learning the way of pokerstars:

In with the best, and fudged by runner runner.

mmm, my schooling this time:

pokerstars does it's thang:

A little frustrating when EVERY day goes like this. - but in review, there were non cards on the turn and river....ahh, I'm in the hand so that'll be why. Should really have been another K or 10 in the last two streets....boring hand really.


Either I am i a 8month long down turn, playing bad, or pokerstars is against me.

Set over set, flush over flush, trips beaten 75% - ace rags beating the AK/AQ repeatedly, AA barely holds up, top pairs, top two pairs rarely hold up? Is that right? Or just for me? Seriously, I can replay  85% of my hands in a day, where I have two playable and get beaten. Not by the player but the cards.

Yet, when I play, can't win with cards, or with play...yes I fold an awful lot and aim for acceptable vpip/pfr and watch the table

Oh really?:

I did say every day was like this didn't I? And every hand....

When you understand that this is about as random as the wheels on a one armed bandit...

I have never seen such bullshit cards in my life.