And they have for a start:





Some floppage there!

over bet the river, but well...what can you do with that monster? comments welcomed...


I stepped in something this morning:

and came up smelling of roses....awful play, he's raised and reraised any two, I got mental lucky!

TY pokerstars, all is forgiven, for now!

I would have liked some lubrication first!!:

And this is why people think they don't hold up very often:

And if you thought I played bad!!

Teaching someone to enjoy losing:

About time I cracked em today.

More floppage:

Wiv a little bit of luck!

Why you don't slow play your set....

gettin it in:

I sometimes get a little blinded too....but not me this time:

Limping is for girls! (you know who you are!!)

Attrocious play, but, sometimes maths is idiotic:


and these are the other end of my day....the ones that need review or are just plain awful bad beats....I love losing .... enjoy.

Umm HELLO!! WTF are you doing here!

I have reviewed this one a few times, and beaten myself around the head....

I face palmed at the time, and I have face palmed everytime I review it....laugh and please tell me if there was any way on earth I could have played it worse? I'd like to know - perhaps a shove on that flop!! omg - I remember taking a break after this....Stevie Wonder could of done better.