Todays riverings start a fresh:

I think I have mentioned, in almost every days blog, how the 'non' cards at pokerstars rarely come out....always the hand makers....odd that, being as it's totally random.

top quality out flop:

variance? there is no variance, in with what you guess is the best, and lose every single time...

only a monster hand, EVERY hand, anything else is boring.

mmm, more n more - I love this!

Any luck with those aces:

No clearly not - as is ALWAYS the case here in a freeroll, clearly the shittest hand in the pot wins....EVERY time...did I mention about EVERY hand is a monster? anything less is boring?


I have noticed, the 'non' cards do come out.....when I need to hit something...can guarntee I won't get my card or any outs....plenty of 2/4 outters over me though...