So, who's bladder is set to only pass at :55 on the hour?




What's your Krypton Factor assault course when the 'break' starts....mines something like, grab cup and water jug, kettle on, empty bladder, wash hands!! - fill water jug, make coffee, roll a smoke, sit down just in time for the restart.


It's supposedly the end of days today, with the mayan long calendar ending....I don't see any signs of the apocolypse so I'll fire up some pokerstars and wait and see if it comes...I'm not holding my breath though.


Will start with a 9am Freeroll I think....staple breaksfast.


10c 360man : start as you mean to go on: Rivering 1 for the day:

still on the same vein:

ok, 7 outs against me, but ohh...not that one!

and another ...