Err that last bit, I'm still working on that, but poker is a great way to pass time while you work it out!

Anyway, Hello's and if you're reading this, welcome to my 'starts as a complete donk, hoping to improve' blog....

My real name is Mark,

often nicknamed Polo (I think it has something to do with the UK candy/sweet, the Polo mint....or the mint with hole as the advert always used to quote. This candy/sweet is round with a hole in the middle....This is a nickname I can stand.....the one I have really hated since high school and will probably stick at any table is 'Eggy'....because of my second name, but....I'm going to hide somewhat behind an online personna so you can call me anything you like, Mandy, if it makes you happy.

So about me:

I'm late 30's now, have played online poker at pokerstars mostly, but a few other sites too and been nothing but a major bleeder...probably down $200 at least, if I am honest it's probably atleast double that if not more....had a few cashouts from big tourney flukes, but generally a donk! who didn't track or monitor anything. Was any two will do kinda guy, an I expected everything to win! Bad mistakes! But this has been over a long period, ten or so years, and having watched youtube for my tuition, I've realised this is a kin to trying to fly an aeroplane knowing what you learned at your driving lessons....pure suicide!

We are not Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Gus Hanson, or on par with any of these big boys and girls!! Get a grip!! Walk before you can run!!

But right back to me - that's I am an IT engineer by trade, a loose term, but I build and fix the back end of some of the UK's largest IT systems, say anymore and I breach various secracy acts. Server and network infrastructure and that sort of thing....It's certainly not my party piece, but it has paid well. So I found my self in a dry spell with work and having donked off the last of the money I am prepared to lose on Pokerstars, I have hit the REAL bottom of the site and am trying to make a turn around maybe a small profit...freerolls and what and where I think I might have a chance.

I'm not going to write a book on here how to play, it's just a blog on how the events pan out for me, hopefully it will show the high's and the lows, the good and the bad, and ultimately how it is possible to learn how to play from a complete and utter donk, to a player who can play poker and might just one day, sit at a table with your poker idle! (I can have a dream)

On to my rig and what I run on that:

So I am a lucky bunny in having a high end i7 desktop with 16gb of ram and masses of storage, 3 screens and what is called an 'obutto' gaming rig - it's a car seat that I use for my hobbies of sim racing, and occosionally flying simulators.....but, being security concious I doing things differently when it comes to pokerstars.

I actually do run it virtualised, I know pokerstars don't generally like this, but it allows me to also play on a second pc which is connected to my TV so if I have friends or other players, the screen is visible for all.....that and I also run Poker Tracker (TM) which due to the database, just also works well in a virtual enviroment.

So yes I have a HUD and in the later stages of play, or if I have history on a player, I will use this HUD info to make reads and calls a often folds with much more make educated decisions. This for me, has been a good has shown me so many holes in my game, when I am playin too many hands or just generally where I was going majorily wrong. I think Poker Tracker was/is a big step in improving my game. Having the hand histories to review at any time is invaluable for me, If you're intending to make a decent crack at this need to know your past, and these trackers will give you invaluable info to improve your game, I am not promoting any one tracker, you could even write the hands manually or just have the historeis emailed, just for me having a decent crack, a tracker is invaluable

Lets avoid Phil Ivey or Tom Dwan shooting 100K air ball videos...avoid youtubes for poker tuition, avoid any poker shows as a 'how to play poker'. Play the table you are at and the players you face. With good educated poker in your head. If you want win too anyway.

Right, if I blab anymore you'll fall asleep, hope to see you on the tables, and don't forget to ask questions or comment on hands. It's all helpful to your game.

Maybe see you in a freeroll!!