Well all to tell the truth I am very frustrated of late. I'm not frustrated with my poker play or the people I encounter online. I am frustrated with my home life when it comes to poker. I am frustrated with having time to play regularly with out interruption. Let me set the stage. I live with my disabled brother and his wife. They have two boys of 3 and 1. I help take care of things around the house and my nephews as my brother and his wife to some degree are disabled. But As I have said I am going to the world series this next year come hell or high water. I could wait till the house quiets down at night but thats not till 8 pm my time which is also the last pso for the day. I tried to get the house to agree that from 2 to 6 pm was my official playing time. That didn't work out either. So I thought I would move the time up to first thing in the morning. But then dr appointments came up and through the schedule off. So as you can see my frustration is in actually getting a regular time that I can play. That I can get into that proper frame of mine and play every day as I fight to help bank roll, my game, and fight towards WSOP 2011. Anyway more blog later. Feel free to comment your thoughts if anyone else struggles with a family that always seems to be into your poker time or if you were a similar problem and fixed it. Many Thanks MarkedCards68