So as the last week of October starts I reflect on the past two months. My game has improved more than I thought it could. You can never appreciate how much you have forgot until you relearn it. 

I will place in the money again in PSO. In September, my first month, I placed at 113. This month probably not as high but I have also had less time to play. I read complaints that you can't beat those that play more often than you do. I don't believe that. Just depends on how well you can play and a little luck to go with it of course.

I live in Colorado and winter approaches. First snow will probably be this week and the fall colors are everywhere. Time moves on.

I tried very hard to apply proper bankroll management last month. The good is I actually made it through a month and a half before losing it all. The bad is the usual thing finally brought the bankroll down, my ego. I suffered a day of bad beats and was determined to make up for the losses in one day. I increased my limits as my bankroll dwindled faster than it should have. This of course effected my play and the downward spiral began.

But I have since recovered and appreciate the lessons I have read in my many books. It does affect your play positively when you can have a bad tournament and know that it's okay because the money you invested was only a small bit of your bankroll. 

Anyway tis Sunday which means big money tourney day. See you all on the felt.