So this last Sunday I played in the 1/4 million event. My second time now. This time via a $2 satellite. I was once again thrown out of my comfort zone by the type of play I was encountering. It made me nervous, frustrated, and finally questioning of what was really going on. So I played my best. Finished in the top 1/3 of the field despite a lack of hands and then took a day or two to review what I had experienced. 1. It's a much more aggressive game early on. This might be due to the blinds being only 10 minutes long. It might be due to the level of play but where as I am used to one or two players being overtly aggressive on a table it seems here it is as many as four or five. 2. People are ready to play. So much I am playing free rolls or events with little risk. Here there is good money involved and I am not waiting on Susie home maker or Billy the video game addict to look at his game and see it is his time to do something. With ten minute blinds this is obviously a beneficial thing as I get to see more hands than usual. 3. I'm just not used to the speed and aggressiveness of the play which means I need to adjust my play. That may take a little time for me to adjust in certain areas so that I can retain what I feel is good play but take advantage of people in the tournament. So anyways my two cents, mostly for me. Chasing the Dream