Yesterday I played my first PSO trny. About half way through the trny I took a hit from somebody who called my all in that shouldn't have. Absolutely no reason for him to make the call. But I am not writing about a bad beat. I'm writing about the kick in the gut feeling when he won. I have been playing poker for awhile now and that kick in the gut is still there. When you put so much into your play. When you have thought out every decision. You know you have played well. You feel really good about your play. Wham!!! From no where you take this hit. Your not only asking yourself why did he hit me? He had no reason too. But your reeling from this feeling in your gut of getting kicked. Maybe it's because of the effort I put into my game and after a bad hand it feels like the effort was for nothing. I don't know for sure but I will figure it out. If I have learned anything of late from watching and playing it's this. Just because you have a player beat, just because you know you have the best of it does not make it an all-in situation. In trny play you have to expect to take a bad beat. To get sucked out on. For someone to make a bad call and have it pay off. It still hurts, it still feels like a kick to the gut. But you can recover and move forward.