this is why players who are knew to the game of poker should'nt play cash games. so i was playing a cash game in my local casino , went to the table with £50 and was to £175 when i got pocket aces blinds was 50p/£1 so i make it £15 into a pot of £7, i get 2 callers, on the flop comes Q 3 8 guy on my left bets £30 then guy on my right makes it £90 the i go all in with the £160 i have left, guy on my left folds then guy on the right calls and says i have u crushed so i say no i have aces , he then says crap i only have Q 10, so the turn comes 8 then on the river he has 7% to hit on the river and down comes the last Q on the river cause the other guy in the hand folded AQ so the 1 out mucked up my game for that night. so remember never play cash games with beginners.