This is the year that i take building my bankroll seriously. I know this is an online forum, but i'm tired of leaving my money inside the computer. I don't play in a lot of tournaments online. I just dont have the time or patience to play that long without the feel of the felt. Especially, in my own house. If i want a bigger payday online, i'll play MTT Sit n go's or higher stakes Single Table or Heads Up. At least they are quick and i dont have to wait for late registration to end while dodging maniacs that race off to over 10K in chips in mere seconds. Not to say that doesn't happen in sit n go's, but for some reason i trust my play and like that everyone starts with the same stack at the same time. Tangent Waring!!!

Something i think that needs to be addressed in late registration is the starting stack. Just like live, if your late you don't start with a full stack. That would cut the inflation of field sizes and make some of the play more reasonable.
Also, to leave the topic even more can we cut back on the satellites. I think it has cheapened the game literally and figuretively. How about playing ring games at micro-stakes then moving up to bigger and better things.
Lets see i'll play in a $1+.50 super super satellite and beat five million people to get the actual satellite and beat another million just to get lucky again and then finally play in the real tourney with a bunch of luck boxes that did the same thing. I get that it's the cheap way to a big payday, but how about some direct buy in tourneys only. No Tournament Dollars allowed. And then maybe just a couple of higher buy-in direct satellites.
Here is my analogy and then i'm done. If you want to play with Tiger you have to play the back tees. You can't play the ladies tees on monday to qualify for the real tournament on thursday. Back tees all the way. If you can't play from the tips, then play in another group.    

Because of this  I play a hit and run style online.There is almost no bankroll building involved. I don't mean one hand, one big pot, and click, yes i'm sure i want to leave the table. More like I deposit, play, wait for my deposit to clear..., withdraw..., and wait some more for my money...(assuming i win any that day). As you can see no ... in the deposit or play part of that last sentence. Quick in slow out. I'm not really in the mood to build a bankroll in my online account and leave it there. I need access to that money!! When i've cashed in a tourney or grinded in a ring game for 12 hours its time to go count my money without the (10 day if i'm lucky) waiting period. I guess I wouldn't mind the virtual felt so much if I could access my money immediately. Idea online sites: how about a check card to go along with a real money account, I know the rake and tourney fees could cover it. Just a thought, i'm sure that is easier said than done. 
I'm so far from a brick and mortar casino that my poker options are limited. I miss the feeling of winning and leaving the game with cash in hand. Nothing like exchanging racks of chips for hundreds. No waiting period at the teller. So trains, planes, and automobiles here I come.