Why do i hate the online grind? Yes the action is juicy. The lack of tipping is a plus. OMGclayaiken the multi-tabling. Now that would be a fun addition to the live game. Running from table to table in a real poker room, dodging the cocktail girls and other action junkies just to fold non premium hands. Actually, the real upside would be a different drink at every table. It could be a drunken poker obstacle course.
But seriously, what is the downside to playing online? The action, no tips, and thousands of extra donks are all the positives(oh yeah playing in your underwear can't forget that). Answer: the lack of the live aspects. Real tells that true poker players make thier living on. Not everything live is mathmatically correct. Sometimes the EV, VPIP, 3 bet percentage... doesn't matter. For example: When playing online you're facing a bet into a large pot giving you the right odds immediate or implied. Most of the time its a snap call because the math tells you to call everytime and almost all the time you do and then you watch the pot get raked away from your avatar towards the nuts. I mean your playing correctly, it's just that some complete idiot entered a pot they shouldn't be in and steals the pot all because your missing what could be some very important puzzle pieces.  This same scenario live can be an easy lay down because you know the person making the bet is sitting on the nuts. And you only know this because you can see him in front of you praying for a call. Whether it's the way they sound when make the bet or by the way they are sitting back in their seat reeking of confidence. I'm not saying idiots don't play live, but i can spot one a lot easier when they are right in front of me. 
Basically, my entire point is where's the evolution to online poker? Can we have games with live cameras, obviously those games would need to be watched we've got some freaks out there. But how about voice chat. You don't want to know how long it took me to type this. Watch me try and chat during a hand. By the time i'm done typing, the hand is usually over or i get "chat disabled when player all-in". What is that by the way? That is usually when i   like to chat the most. I think being able to talk to people and hear their voice would be way more revolutionary than "RUSH POKER". What a joke that is. Lets see, I can either one, lose my money as fast as possible, or two, lose all my money to the blinds and rake waiting for Aces and Kings. Someone please give some life to the virtual felt. VOICE CHAT is my answer. Now can a site start doing it?