There's been a long time since my last blog post and many things happened, so I decided to let you all know. Winter is away, summer is coming and I fully enjoy playing poker - I have many reasons for that! 

During the last two months I was studying hard every day...OK...almost every day. I was reading tons of articles and watching many recorded hands. I'm happy to say that it had the desired effect. I learned many new things about poker and I finally started to feel confident to play seriously and not only occasionally. So I jumped into my first challenge mentioned in one of previous articles and started grinding!

There was a small change of plans - I started my challenge with $110 and not with $150 bankroll, but it's not such a big difference. So, I changed my daily schedule and started my challenge on May 13th. I don't play much now as it is only the beginning. I still want to study more than to play.

Now, after 5 days I have to say that I'm happy about my current results. I played at 2 tables, tried to use everything I learned (studying really helped me to improve my skills),  played at NL2 tables and today I played at one NL5 table for the first time. And what about the results? Here they are:

Bankroll: $115,89 (profit +$5,89)

Total playing time: approximately 90 minutes (didn't play much, not a lot of time...)

Yeah, it looks crazy. Noob guy writing about his $5 profit on the blog.  But I am so happy that I just want to share my smile with you. Today in the evening I'm going to study, tomorrow I'm going to have a free day and Sunday is a typical poker day. Next week I will play longer and hopefully my results will be even better. I hope you like this foolish blog post, I will post more info soon and regularly.

See you at the tables!