I was hoping to post a complete half-yearly update around this time of year, since it’s been 6 months since posting EOY MTT Results Update - 500 MTTs Later.  However, my volume has been ridiculously low and looks like it may not be until July or August that I hit another 500 MTT’s.   It’s quite weird that my progression in terms of volume has taken me down this path.. but I am accepting that it's the status quo for now.

TCOOP and SCOOP were both a loss, which was unfortunate because I've been playing my best games since SOY.  Reviewing the SCOOP games I played highlighted a leak, which I'll have X-ed out in no time.

Ending on an up note, I recently shipped a tourney for my biggest cash to date.  Coach was genuinely more excited than me when I told him, which made me realize my investment in choosing the right coach for me, has made this ride all worth while.  Although the tourney wasn’t a Sunday Major (and who doesn’t want to bink one of those), the affirmations received from coach and peers have been great. 

Planning to go somewhere nice for a few days in June with the missus for our anniversary.  I also made a reasonable donation to the Nepal Fund.

GL at the tables.