I’ll be playing this in a couple weeks, with probably around 45000-50000 other runners.  With at least 1M+ for 1st, I’m giving away a potential 0.5% sweat from my cut of the Sunday Million 9M Anniversary.
What's the catch?  You need to have been a previous buyer of my BAPs on PSO.. here, here, or here.


I’ll be playing a small regional final tourney on the 7th of March.  For 0.30%, what will be my result?  For another 0.20%, what will be my cash prize?


Obviously, I don’t know the answer to these questions yet, so your guess will be as good as mine.  I don't know yet how many runners there will be, or the payout structure, so don’t stress over with the (lack of) details… this is simply a fun giveaway. 

Comment here in this blog post before the 6th of March (ET) to record your entry.  My decision is final in everything, obviously.


Good Luck!