Towards EOY 2014, I went through an exhaustive exercise on analyzing my statistics.


One of the glaring reports which stood out for me was the Tournament Results by Day Report in HM2.  For Sunday’s, I was losing most that day - by a considerable margin.  If I had opted to not play any Sunday games last year, I’d be up $x more.  It’s incredible really.  It just makes sense and is completely logical to not play on any given Sunday.

Coach even supported the idea, giving me an example of one of this students who is a HSMTT reg.  He mentioned him being up around 100K from playing Mon-Sat games, but was actually down 90K just from Sunday games.  So (in a vacuum) by just opting out of not playing on Sunday’s, he would have been up 100K, but instead he only cleared 10K for 2014.  It is just reflective of how high and crazy, variance is on any given Sunday.  Simple as that.

My initiative is simple, and easy to do.  I've started to opt out of playing any games on Sunday for 6months and “see how it goes”.  The only exception to this is being able to play the Milly or shot-take at other series-based MTTs.  Coach is all for me just playing the Milly on a Sunday for a number of reasons, so it's all set and done.

The BR now has an allocation of funds set aside just for Milly satellites to give myself every opportunity to play this every week.  If I don’t manage to get a Milly ticket on some weeks, no big-deal... since knowing that by not playing anything else on Sunday, will more than likely result in increasing my total EOY profit.

GL at the tables.